About Joshna Polymers

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying, importing & exporting for plastic equipments, home appliances, home furnishings, household items, electrical items, to both Indian as well as overseas clients. Established in year 2015, Joshna Polymers, are professionally engaged in the marketing and promotion for wide variety of plastic products. Our company started its initial operations in Bhubaneswar.

Our company is currently operating under the expert guidance of Mrs. SK Joshna who is holding the maximum portion of our shares. Owing to dedicated group of employees, the process of assortment of branded products take place from leading manufacturers that come with complete quality assurance. Our team of experts relies on their sheer talent, creativity and zeal to create and make our amazing range of offerings available to all our esteemed customers.

What We Do

Our aim is to provide quality product with best service, which is eco-amiable with environment. Joshna Polymers, the leading plastic manufacturing company has created a good reputation in ODISHA market. Our products like Plastic jars,home appliances,dinner sets,etc. are made from virgin raw materials. Today Joshna Polymers is the most trusted brand in ODISHA for the following reason:-

Why From Us

Joshna Polymers is the largest Plastic Manufacturing Industry in India focused on consumer home appliances and lighting electronics products. Established two decades ago, the Company has demonstrated rapid growth and is recognised for low cost manufacturing capabilities, proven design expertise and established high quality customer base.

Joshna Polymers employees have a strong customer focus ensuring the attention needed to handle clients outsourcing needs.

Joshna Polymers' management team is extensively engaged with both industry and government leaders in India .

Trusted by customers as we give warranty in each product.

Unmatched customer service even after sales.

One of the fastest growing brands in ODISHA.